ProviderCFO as part of your team looks like:

Remove Fear of the Unknown

Supportive accounting to your team!  Getting information and data timely and consistently. Have a trusted person and experienced professional sitting with you and your leadership team.  This person is not there to tell you what you CAN’T do, but give you information to make an informed decision.

Internal Controls

Ditch your check stock and never see a check again! Have managers, site leaders, corporate and ownership level see bills that pertain to them and their position.  Give your site leaders better insight into their expenses and give owners the final approval on bills without having checks and bills floating around going unpaid or not documented.  

Segregation of Duties

You have a team of specialists working on specific tasks at the same time, giving you time the ability to sit back and let those processes happen.  Rather than one, two or a few people doing Accounts Receivable, then doing Accounts Payable, then moving to Financial Reporting, then auditing Leave of Absence Days, you have a team of people doing all those tasks at once..