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ProviderCFO helps assisted living facilities, hospices, and other direct care businesses access cutting-edge, cost-effective accounting and bookkeeping services.


The brainchild of direct care business owners and operators Mike Crow and Jon Sondergaard, ProviderCFO was founded with a simple goal in mind: we wanted to expand the accessibility of top-flight accounting and financing services throughout the industry. Whether you’re looking to outsource an entire accounting department or simply need help automating your Accounts Payable and adding security to your cash management process, ProviderCFO has got you covered. 

Since 2019, our unique shared service model has helped assisted livings, nursing homes, group homes, home cares and other direct care facilities improve their financial stability and optimize their ability to focus on care to their clients. 

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Mike Crow

With over 10 years in accounting and 7 years of owning businesses in direct care, Mike knows the struggles associated with starting and running a successful business in this industry. Facilities need to balance financial stability and fiscal responsibility with the needs of their clients, staff and families. ProviderCFO was designed to help bridge that gap.


When he isn’t busy crunching numbers for his clients, Mike enjoys playing hockey and spending time with his family. 

Jon Sondergaard

Throughout his lengthy career in direct care management and ownership, Jon realized that a significant segment of the industry was being underserved when it came to their finances and accounting. With ProviderCFO, he aims to deliver scalable solutions that can provide value to direct care companies needing and wanting more from their accounting and finance functions.


In his personal time, Jon’s hobbies include golf and spending time with his family.

Core Values

Subject Matter Experts

As subject matter experts with extensive direct care experience, our specialized, industry-specific accounting solutions are unmatched by other vendors.

One of the team

When we establish a partnership with your business, we take pride in serving as a trusted collaborator and a key extension of your in-house team

Customer First

You know how you always strive to go above and beyond for your patients and their families? We strive to do that, for you.

Intune with healthcare industry

By taking a proactive approach to problem-solving, our team (and our clients) are prepared for anything that comes our way.


Integrity is the backbone of the direct care industry. As direct care specialists, we have incorporated this into our values.

Ownership mindset

On the business side, we embrace growth and go the extra mile to provide our clients with scalable services and financial stability.

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“I no longer need to spend time overseeing, monitoring or really even thinking about our accounting department. ProviderCFO has allowed me to focus on our business and spend more time delivering great service to our residents and support to our staff.”

James Fager, RN
COO, The Lodges Company

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