Want to know more about our services? Book A Meeting with us. 

Want to know more about our services?
Book A Meeting
with us. 

Our Story

ProviderCFO was founded with a simple goal in mind: expand the accessibility of top-flight accounting and financial services throughout the direct care industry. We offer a completely customizable scope of services for facilities operating with all budgets.

Why Choose ProviderCFO

What does your accounting function currently look like? Is it scalable? Do you struggle to close the books each month? Have a hard time finding the right people to do the job? Did an audit expose some issues you’re not comfortable with?


ProviderCFO offers custom accounting solutions specifically for the Senior Housing industry. Our scalable solutions provide the benefits of an in-house team of experts to give you transparency, expert-level insights, and total peace of mind. With our team of experts, you can make educated financial decisions while saving time and resources.

Our core values


Does what is right rather than what is popular or expedient, and coaches others on how to apply PCFO values through their work.

In It Together

Supports the team with the client’s best interest at heart and does not easily give up.

Ownership Mindset

Continuously generating innovative ideas & solutions in work situations.

Seeks Understanding

Understands the impact of work being completed, while also looking for continuous improvement.

Values That Shape Who We Are

Our core values are the beliefs and principles that guide our actions and decisions. They are the heart of our organization, defining our culture and shaping our identity.

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Meet Our Founders

 Mike Crow

Mike Crow

With over 10 years in accounting and 7 years of owning businesses in direct care, Mike knows the struggles associated with starting and running a successful business in this industry. Facilities need to balance financial stability and fiscal responsibility with the needs of their clients, staff and families. ProviderCFO was designed to help bridge that gap. When he isn’t busy crunching numbers for his clients, Mike enjoys playing hockey and spending time with his family.

Jon Sondergaard

Jon Sondergaard

Throughout his lengthy career in direct care management and ownership, Jon realized that a significant segment of the industry was being underserved when it came to their finances and accounting. With ProviderCFO, he aims to deliver scalable solutions that can provide value to direct care companies needing and wanting more from their accounting and finance functions. In his personal time, Jon’s hobbies include golf and spending time with his family.